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Sugarcane Harvester
Application scope: Plain,hill,soft wet sugarcane field. Function:Cut top,reap,spread sugarcane and other high corp,etc. Feature: 1.It can cut top, reap and pave sugarcane in various natural state such as downfallen curl,and height,thickness,etc,with stro
SH15 sugarcane harvester could work well in many different field,can meet hill site field and small field. It can harvesting lodging cane well.
The sugarcane top removing machine can remove sugarcane leaf,processing after sugarcane cutting.
The sugarcane harvester equipped with full-hydraulic drive.It can continuously and automatically complete the whole harvesting process of picking up fallen cane, topping,cutting, transmitting, truncating ,separating cane and top, loading with truck elevat
Small size harvester with high crawler climbing ability to meet high slope field condition working. Main use in tough field. It can attach lifting guard with best performance in fallen down cane.
The Sugar cane trailer T6000 mate with tractor transfer the canes from field to trucks or mills.
Sugarcane leaf shredding & collecting machine is composed of shredding devices and collecting unit.
Sugarcane leaf shredding machine use in shredding the sugarcane leaf into pulverization as vegetable fertilizer.