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Sugarcane Cultivator
Functions: Sugarcane cultivating and ridgering, weeding, ploughing, rotary tilling, harrowing, reaping, etc. Application scope: Sugarcane field, vegetable gardens, ect.
Use in opening-row working on the field that have been plowed, harrow broken completely. productivity is 0.5-0.8ha/h, mated power 50-80hp tractor.
The subsoiling plough use in digging and breaking operations at cane seedling stage and perennial root field, and can use in deep ploughing too. depth can reach 250-300mm.
The scarifiers use in deep ploughing before ploughing up the sugarcane field or the wasteland.
The series moldboard plough is a new plough with overload safeguard and the mouldboard with composite material return board.
The directmounted rotary harrow use in breaking soil and land grading after ploughing up.The strong crashing earth, the ground flat after working.
The sugarcane cultivator-cum-ridger use in laying by the sugarcane, covering earth.