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Sugarcane loader SL7600




Product Feature

1, Engine: Mate the Cummins engine, superior in quality and performance, powerful, efficient and reliable, low fuel consumption, noise, and exhaust.

2,Pipelineuse Germanic “Parker” or Italian “Manuli” high pressure pipelinehigh temperature resistant, wear resistant, ultra-soft, shock resistance, especially suited to tough work conditions.

3,Working systemNewest international technology, with buffer function, it can greatly reduce working chatter amplitude,

lengthen working life and also improve the working environment.

4, Microcomputer operating console, water temperature, Oil temperature, electric current, timework, all parts working condition are clear at a glance.

5,Strong structure, easy to operate, low fuel consumption&durable, efficient and economical machine for loading sugarcane. It is the best sugarcane loader for sugarcane plantation and mills choice.

6,High climbing capacity, the SL7600 sugarcane loader can work tough slope field you need.


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