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Sugarcane Loader SL5


Product Feature

SL5 sugarcane loader is continuous development to improve up to five years in response to the  rope-style cane loader that easily broken, the failure rate is high, and chain-type loader that high cost of the chain and low safety performance disadvantage in the market. SL5  sugarcane loader uses the axial sliding order-up technology, after more than 20000 times overload test, solves technical problems of the rope-style that easily broke,lanunchs a new generation of cane loader.


Most prominent feature as follows:


1. using the axial sliding order-up technology, frictionless rope winding, order round-up, enhance the service life of wire rope and machine reliability and economy.

2. using a balanced line technology to enhance a balanced frame, make the hoisting frame more stable and reliable operation and enhance the efficiency of the machine.

3. setting up its own lifting device, just gently shake, you can install the loader in the vehicle for using, people easily operate the installation and demolition to reduce the user's labor intensity.

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